Best Amsterdam Tram Map For Tourists

Best Amsterdam Tram Map

The Best Amsterdam Tram Map is an attempt to simplify the Amsterdam Transport Map into something actually usable by a tourist in Amsterdam. The secret is that you don’t have to remember all the trams, trains and buses in Amsterdam. You only have to remember four Trams. Combined with the Best Amsterdam Tram Map, you can see almost any site in Amsterdam by using only 4 trams.

The Best 4 Trams in Amsterdam

By saying the best four trams in Amsterdam, that isn’t to imply that they are the most travelled, go the most places, or contain the least amount of smelly tourists. The best four trams in Amsterdam are the best if they are used together to get from place to place easily and with few tram changes.

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Best Amsterdam Tram Map For Tourist
Best Amsterdam Tram Map For Tourist

The Amsterdam Tram Stations

First let’s discuss the stations that will be used as interchanges on the map.

Centraal Station – Basically just choosing whether to get on Tram 5 or Tram 24.

Dam – Use this station to walk to see Dam Square or to walk to Red Light District. There are two sets of Dam Stations. See Map Below.

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Amsterdam Dam & Spui Station Locations
Amsterdam Dam & Spui Station Locations

Spui Station – Use this Spui station to transfer between Tram 24 and Tram 14. There are two sets of Spui Stations. See Map Above.

Marnixstraat – Use this station to transfer between Tram 14 and Tram 10

Weteringcircuit & Vijzelgracht – You need to walk about 100m between these two stations to Transfer between Tram 24 at Vijzelgracht & Tram 10 at Weteringcircuit. It is literally like walking around the corner but they are two different stops with different names that serve different trams. See Map Below.

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Amsterdam Weteringcircuit Station
Amsterdam Weteringcircuit Station

Alexanderplein – Tram 14 and Tram 10 connect here. But you probably only got here because you were drunk and fell asleep on a tram. Don’t worry, just take Tram 10 or Tram 14 back into town And stop drinking so much.

The Best Amsterdam Trams For Tourists

Tram 5 – This tram will run from Amsterdam Centraal Station, to Dam & Spui, and then runs out to the Rijksmuseum and Concertgebouw. You can transfer at Dam to Tram 14 to Anne Frank Huis.

Tram 10 – This Tram runs along the outside of the outer canal ring. It is the easy way to go from Albert Cuyp Market all the way over to near Anne Frank Huis. A simple change at Marnixstraat allows connect to Tram 14. Tram 13 & Tram 17 also run to Anne Frank Huis and then to Centraal, while Tram 14 cuts across the city to other sites.

Tram 14 – This Tram can take you to many of the best sites in Amsterdam. From Anne Frank Huis, to Dam, to Spui & the Flower Market & over to Rembrandtplein. Changes at Spui and Marnixstraat make it easy to change to Tram 5 & Tram 24 at Spui, and to Tram 10 at Marnixstraat.

Tram 24 – Tram 24 runs straight through the middle of Amsterdam. It hits Dam, Spui, the Heineken Factory & Albert Cuyp Market. Switch at Spui for Tram 14 and you can see almost every major site using just two trams.