Amsterdam Metro Line 50 Map Lijn 50 – Isolator to Gein Lijn 50 – Line 50 on the Amsterdam Metro runs on the outskirts of the city and connects the major event centers RAI & Amsterdam Arena. Line 50 will get you to Amsterdam Zuid Station, Amsterdam RAI convention center & Amsterdam Arena. It is really only good for popping between event centers as it does not go to Centraal Station. Major Stops – Amsterdam Zuid, RAI, Amsterdam Arena. Transfers – To get to Centraal from Line 50 transfer at OVERAMSTEL (51 or 54), RAI(51 or 54), or AMSTERDAM ARENA

Amsterdam Metro Line 51 Map Lijn 51 – Centraal Station to Westwijk Lijn 51 – Line 51 on the Amsterdam Metro will get you to Amsterdam RAI convention center. Overamstel is the stop before, & Amsterdam Zuid Station is the one after(good for transfer to the Schiphol Airport Train). Major Stops – Amsterdam Centraal, Waterlooplein, Weesperplein, Spaklerweg, Amstelstation. Comments – This is the quickest way to Amsterdam RAI Convention Center. If you ever needed to go from Amsterdam RAI to Amsterdam Arena, change at Spaklerweg Station. Dutch Food To Try: Drop – Drop is Dutch Licorice. If you like licorice

Amsterdam Metro Line 53 Map Lijn 53 – Centraal Station to Gaasperplas Lijn 53 – For most tourists Line 53 is only good for short travels within the canal rings and Centraal Station. It does not go to Amsterdam Arena or RAI. It overlaps much of Line 54 but doesn’t go all the way to the Arena. If you need to go from Waterlooplein to Centraal, Line 53 is fine (Line 51 and 54 would also work). Major Stops – Major Stops – Amsterdam Centraal, Waterlooplein, Weesperplein Comments – Only good for short commutes within the canal rings. Dutch Food

Amsterdam Metro Line 54 Map Lijn 54 – Centraal Station to Gein Lijn 54 – Line 54 on the Amsterdam Metro is the way to Amsterdam Arena. It follows a similar path to Lijn 51 until Spaklerweg. It then shoots out to the Amsterdam Arena and beyond. Major Stops – Amsterdam Centraal, Waterlooplein, Weesperplein, Spaklerweg, Amsterdam Arena. Comments – This is the subway line to get to Ajax football games. Get off at Station Bijlmer Arena. If you ever needed to go from Amsterdam Arena to Amsterdam RAI, use Line 50 or change at Spaklerweg Station to Line 50 or

Official Amsterdam Transport Maps 2019 Amsterdam Tram Bus Metro Train Maps Here are a collection of Official Amsterdam Transport Maps updated for 2019. The word “official” appears because these maps are copies of the transit maps put out by transport companies themselves. These Amsterdam Transport Maps are quite accurate, but not entirely helpful for most tourists. Tourists typically stay within the canals and therefore don’t need a confusing map with every tram, bus, and metro stop crammed into one small map. So on this page you will find the official Amsterdam Tram Map, Bus Map, & Metro Map. You can